Capture Interest

Lead Management

Is your practice staying on top of your lead list and nurturing interested patients until they book an appointment? Prospyr has a modern CRM Opportunity management suite built in to help you put lead management on autopilot.

Turn Leads into Appointments

Does your practice miss bookings because of leads that were never contacted? Does having a 3rd party CRM make it hard to connect Leads and booked Appointments?

  • With Prospyr you can leverage our Direct Marketing module to automatically nurture leads until they book an appointment.
  • Be confident in your Return on Ad Spend, Prospyr makes it simple to attribute where leads are coming from and which ones are turning into appointments.
  • Leverage our 1-click Appointment Booking or 2-Way SMS conversation feature to quickly engage prospects and get them on the schedule.

Unlock the full potential of your aesthetics clinic