Features to help grow your aesthetic practice

All the tools you need to simplify success in one place

Tools for every step of the customer journey

Raise Awareness

Elevate your brand

Effortlessly respond to reviews the moment you receive them. Create, schedule, and publish posts with ease.

Of potential customers will view a business positively if they see active, thoughtful responses to online reviews
Of cosmetic surgery patients find instagram content helpful
Capture Interest

Recruit more patients

The sky's the limit with our lead capture and management tools. Collect, manage, and nurture leads to fuel practice growth. 2-way SMS enables real-time patient communication – watch your conversion rates soar.

Increase in new patients booked with Prospyr's streamlined EMR and CRM system
Increase in conversion rate when leads are responded to within the first minute
Convert to Patient

More ways to convert

Let patients schedule at their convenience. Convert more leads during consultations with our intuitive media archive.

Of patients want to see before and after results on people who look like them
Patient access to booking
Onboard Patients

Experience seamless practice management

Streamline patient onboarding, simplify workflows and enhance practice efficiencies.

16 hours
avg. saved of patients filling forms in office
more likely to fill in digital forms before visit
Serve Patients

Reduce errors, save time

Spend less time charting and more time serving your patients with all of the tools that make your life easier.

less likely to have data entry errors with one integrated system
faster charting with Prospyr's Smart Note system
Capture Payment

Less no-shows and cancellations

Take deposits at booking to reduce no- shows. Collect payments anytime, anywhere with payment links. We have every option you need and your patients’ desire.

avg. lead to completed appointment rate
decrease in no shows
Retain Patients

Sell more – without actually selling

Automated marketing to retain patients, refer patients, sell packages, and remind patients it’s time for their next appointment.

more likely to return with membership or package
increase in revenue from subscriptions
Optimize the Practice

A well-oiled machine

Gain valuable insights into your operations, finances, and marketing efforts. Streamline inventory management and reduce costs.

Unlock the full potential of your aesthetics clinic